Take a Tour of Huntington Ridge Apartments for Rent (Norwich, CT)

The clean and practical Huntington Ridge apartments for rent in Norwich, CT feature beautiful colonial exteriors with columned entranceways and well-manicured yards. A well-paved lot contains wide parking margins, handicapped spots and extra-low speed bumps to ensure maximum safety.

Inside, a cream theme with white trim, low-pile carpet and natural lighting creates layers of architectural depth and warmth. The kitchen features wraparound countertops, modern appliances and plenty of cabinetry both overhead and underfoot. All Huntington Ridge CT apartments for rent have spacious walk-in closets.

Renting at Huntington Ridge apartments grants access to members-only areas such as the softly lit fitness center with four separate exercise stations and television entertainment. Nearby, the eggshell blue communal space is a mix of relaxing nooks with plush seating to encourage gentle conversation.

Looking at apartments for rent in Norwich, CT with management and maintenance you can trust? Contact us today and schedule a visit to see our Norwich apartments for rent.


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